March - June 2021  
Design System
User testing

Vact is a mobile app designed to bring activists together to create a community and have their voice heard by making an impact on social and political issues.


Lead Product Designer


Co-founders: Emily Pattison, Ana Jha
Designers: Joy Li, Steph Urch,


Figjam, Figma, Google Forms

Why is this important?

Social media has radically redefined activism. Vact offers the space for young people to be civically engaged in the political and social issue they are passionate about. The mobile app connects students with political organizations, nonprofits and campaigns across the country.

I led the design team in creating the MVP of Vact up to the stage of handover to Nebel Technologies for development.

Helping users prioritize

To avoid overwhelm, users choose up to 3 interests to curate their feed of actions. Having a limit on interests helps focus the user's actions and keep them in control while using Vact.

Icons illustrated by Steph Urch

Home Feed

The curated feed is the home screen of Vact. Users can post action items to Vact's home page which is sent to administrators to be approve in live-time before it is posted to the feed. A filter pop-up is embed next to the search bar to ease discoverability of the action types that users are comfortable with.

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