Morning Brew

June - August 2021 • 12 weeks
UX Research
Website Redesign

I joined the Morning Brew product team for 3 months. I created a User Advisory Board, performed user interviews and created a website redesign.


Product Intern


VP of Product: Emily Diamond
PM: Milo Booke, Kelly Mason
Design: Will Varner, Jake Zuke


Figma, Figjam, Zoom, Typeform, Airtable



During my 12- week Product Design internship at Morning Brew, the areas I explored were prototyping, user experience research and visual design. I worked on multiple projects for the company's website, Design System and established Morning Brew’s first User Advisory Board.

I got the unique opportunity to kickstart UX Research at Morning brew. I gave multiple presentations of my research projects to the Product org to bring pain points of users to light and to serve as an advocate for the reader's experience.

Research Methods

Customer Feedback
User Interviews
Competitive Analysis
Concept Testing

Customer Pain Points

Morning Brew has a plethora of Product feedback sitting in a folder of the company’s email inbox.  To understand previous and current pain points of our audience, I read 643 emails and identified 3 key themes to shape the direction of my user research.

User Interviews

I conducted 15 user interviews with members from the User Advisory Board. I focused on interviewing the core psychographic of the Morning Brew reader: the modern business leader in their mid-twenties.  

On the left I made a Figjam board to categorize pain points and pose "How might we" questions for the website redesign.

Solution Proposals

Our dev team was undergoing some major transitions and my suggestions for the website redesign have not been shipped yet. I wanted to offer a redesign of the information architecture and

Improving Discoverability

Morning Brew is a multi-media company that has grown far beyond it’s largest product: the daily newsletter with over 3 million readers. The company also has 6 industry-specific newsletters, 2 podcasts and a variety of games.  

I designed these blocks of Morning Brew's podcasts to increase the click rate of the podcasts and games from  Morning Brew's home page.

Decluttered global navigation


Many miscellaneous items were combined into the “Featured” drop-down menu. A majority of subscribers accessed the website to play the Morning Brew crossword.


I wanted to prioritize other forms of Morning Brew media on the global navigation.

Simplified Content Discovery

During usability testing, around 40% of users couldn't locate more articles in the topics of their interest. The current website includes the categories of articles but it has low discoverability.

To solve this problem, the solution I arrived at was a pop-up of related articles based on the category user's are interested in. This way, the website can connect a user to the content they are looking for instead of an ongoing list of articles to scroll through.

Current layout
Proposed layout

My Impact

1. Creating the User Advisory Board
I established a pipeline for the Product team to learn about users' experience. The Board consisted of 200 most engaged Morning Brew users. The Board will serve as a pool of feedback for future features pitches, user testing and research.
2. Contributing to the design culture
To establish a foundation of design and branding principles at Morning Brew, Art Director Will Varner led several workshops to paint a clear vision. I got to contribute my user research and opinions to help craft the company's Design Manifesto.

3. Website Redesign and New Feature Pitch
In addition to proposing a website redesign, I wanted to improve tackle an accessibility issue for the Morning Brew audience. I led multiple method research to present this feature proposal in a company-wide presentation.